Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Puglet the Pug has a great video full of tips tips for making your person more green, but what about your person to help you be more green?  Take this quick quiz from the folks at to measure your carbon pawprint-I scored "super green!" They also have lots of articles on dogs going green, including "What to do with your dog's doo."

The Discovery Channel's Planet Green has the top 15 tips for going green with your pet.  It is important to remember that adopting and spaying/neutering your pet is not only responsible, but it is also green.

My friends over at ThePhillyDog have some great tips, even for dogs that don't live in Philly.  Some are pretty simple--if your person buys you treats, make sure they recycle the cardboard box they came in.  She even has some ideas for repairing toys instead of throwing them out, and where to find eco-friendly new toys.

Let me know if you have some tips on your site or blog and I can add them here!
Best Friends Animal Society

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  1. Happy Earth Day! I took the Petside quiz and scored Super Green, too! Although, we're trying to make a lot of changes to reduce the dogs' carbon pawprints. In fact, they're starting to get fresh veggies mixed in with their dinner that we've grown ourselves! It's fun, plus going green saves money!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention!!!

  3. Many thanks for putting us on your "green" list and additional tips. Think it's an ongoing awareness not just on Earth Day! Dont you agree?