Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recycling dogs fur?

Some dogs shed like it is their full time job.  Did you ever wonder if you could put all that fur to good use? Maybe something eco-friendly?  Well, there are plenty of folks working on ideas for you.  EcoSalon's recent article "How to Make Pet Hair Work For You, Not Against You"  has collected some resources for your options on fur-recycling.  A very cool project called "Hair for Oil Spills" collects all kinds of fur (pet and people) and uses it to sop up oil spilled into the environment.  The easiest eco-friendly idea is to just leave it in a basket in your back yard so that birds can collect it to insulate their nests.  Check out the full article for more tips and links (from sweater making to composting!)

Just don't take so much hair from your dog that he needs a dog-fur sweater like this guy pictured here.

Wags to my friend Maggie for her new gig at EcoSalon! You can also find her at OhMyDogBlog.com.

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  1. With so many pooches shedding especially now what a timely article. Always great to recycle as well. A win win I think...

  2. Thanks for posting the article and link! And I really feel for that poor, poor shaved dog! Although, I have to say, even though my dogs shed a lot, I don't think I would ever want to wear their fur. It just seems sort of weird...

  3. I have a black lab that sheds tons. For years I have collected the hair and put it in a wire bird food (suet) feeder and hang it in the tree near the bird house. The birds really do use it to build their nests.