Friday, December 11, 2009

Speaking of Christmas gifts...

My friends over at have put together a list and slideshow of the top ten pet gadgets for this holiday season. Shown here is the "puppy bumper" which will prevent those sneaky little dogs from wiggling through gates and fences. Thankfully, my head is big enough that my person doesn't have to consider putting me in one of these. They also profiled a telescopic poop-scooper, so that you don't need to bend down, or even touch your dog's poop. Don't miss the "Kitt-in-a-box" which is an attachment for your desk so that your small dog or cat can lounge next to your keyboard while you type. The dog walking utility jacket contains 11 features just for your walking duty--including leash clips and a poop bag dispenser. You can find a ton more wild-but-sometimes-useful stuff at

On a related note, also has an article on accessories to keep your nighttime winter walks safe. Items include reflective collars and leashes, blinking tags, and lighted fetch toys. All of these things also make great dog gifts. Hint. Hint.

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