Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Four legged stress relief professionals

University of California San Diego's Student Wellness Center knows that you don't have to pay for puppy love. Unlike the students I wrote about yesterday, who rented puppies for stress relief, UCSD got some real pros to volunteer their time. USCD worked with a local therapy dog organization to come in and help students cope with the stress of finals. These trained professionals know how to calm people down and cheer people up, as they spend most of their days working in local hospitals.

Stress may not land students in the hospital, but it can hold them back in other ways. Dr. Jerry Phelps, director of Wellness Initiatives for UC Student Wellness said that “Stress for students is the number one health impediment to academic success." Their second annual Therapy Fluffies event was a success...with over 2,000 students stopping by for some quality time with some four legged stress relief professionals. Check out this article, which also has a slideshow from the event.

I know my person can get stressed sometimes, and nothing is better than knowing that my butt wiggles can turn her day around. Turns out I am even helping her study!

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