Monday, December 21, 2009

Paw pad health in the snow

If you are a lucky dog like me, you got to spend the weekend playing in fresh snow. It was so much fun! But now that the fresh snow is not so fresh, beware of the dangers of salt and chemical ice melt on your paws. Sharp salt is very abrasive on dog pads, and if it gets stuck between your toes is can get irritated. It is not safe to lick those pads clean because you might ingest some yucky and dangerous chemicals. Tell your person to wipe your toes with a warm washcloth or to rinse them in a warm bowl of water after coming home from a walk. For dogs with shaggy toes, ice clumps can form between toes making it very uncomfortable to walk. You may not like it, but booties can prevent this from happening.

The good folks over at have some more helpful tips for your person to keep those paws healthy.

[Image Courtesy of PhotoBucket]

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