Friday, December 4, 2009

The "bump" that mattered

Jack is a 6-year old human that got a rough start on life. After suffering brain trauma and ending up in foster care, things didn't look too good for him. But he was adopted by two very generous and caring humans--Lisa and Eliot Swiger. Jack has a whole host of problems, including regular violent seizures and difficulty walking. The Swigers knew that they needed some extra help--of the four legged variety.

The Swigers got connected with paws4people, an organization that trains service dogs in prisons. After making a trip out to the facility to choose a dog, they were really hoping to find one that make an immediate emotional connection with Jack. Experts say that initial connection, called a "bump," provides a strong foundation in difficult cases like Jack's. Enter Caylie. During the visit, Jack had a several seizures, but Caylie was not scared or deterred. She stood right by him.

Now Caylie is in transition training with the Swigers--where the family needs to learn the over 100 commands that Caylie already has down. Soon she will move in with the family and join this loving pack in giving Jack a more normal life.

Read the whole story about Jack's tough start, and the "bump" that changed his life.

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