Thursday, December 17, 2009

Financial help to keep your pack together

In these tough economic times, too many animals are ending up in shelters because their families can no longer afford their care. For most families, it is a heart breaking decision to make. I bet most people don't know that there are tons of resources available from local and national organizations that can help keep your pet in your home. The Humane Society has compiled a list of places you can turn to for help. Services include discounted vet services, temporary fostering, and even extra kibble. National organizations are listed, and local services are searchable by state.

If you are not having financial trouble, but know of a family with a four-legged member who is facing tough time, be sure to pass this resource along. They will be thankful for these resources that could make a tough time a little less heartbreaking.

Do you work for or know of an organization that is not listed on this site, but is willing to help out? Email the good folks at HSUS at to be added to the list.

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  1. Hi--thanks for posting this info. May I repost your posting to my neighborhood dog blog?



  2. I'd go hungry before I'd let Shep go hungry...