Thursday, May 13, 2010

Running for TX Governor to save pets' lives

A few weeks ago, I told you about Genny, who was a dog running for mayor of a small town in Canada.  Well, Texans sure know how to kick it up a notch: They have a dog running for governor!  Woodrow is a rescue pup with a diverse background: he is a hound mix of some sort, "with just a little touch of pit bull."  He has a diverse base: his volunteer coordinator is Orangie, the neighborhood cat. His campaign slogan is "How ruff could it be?"

Lorri told PeoplePets how she got the idea at the dog park: “He would go up to every dog, child and adult, and it was as if he was saying, 'Hi, how are you? Don’t you look so nice today?'” Michel says. “And then he would just move on.” One day, a fellow dog park person said to Lorri, “Oh, my God, Woodrow is mayor.” A candidate was born.

Woodrow is hoping he can use his platform to raise awareness and money for Austin Pets Alive.  This rescue group swoops in and saves animals at the last moment when shelters no longer have room for them, and places them in forever homes--they saved nearly 4,000 pets from the city shelter in the past two years! Now, thats a platform I can get behind.

Woodrow has his own he sells campaign t-shirt to raise money for Austin Pets Alive--they have raised several thousand dollars so far!  The Statesman interviewed Woodrow and Lorri about their unconventional campaign--check out the article, or watch the video below:

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