Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Diplomatic Dachshunds

With how well dogs treat humans, maybe we should participate in  a human rights commission.  Or that is what the Australian artist Bennett Miller had in mind.  As part of the Next Wave Festival, his photoghraphic display of dachshunds is a "meditation on the utopian aspirations of the Commission on Human Rights, and our capacity as humans to imagine and achieve a universal system of justice."

In coordination with the Dachsund Club of Victoria, 47 hot dogs were assembled for the photo shoot.  Miller tells Gawker, "They have their own racial diversity - black, brown, red. Also, even though they're restricted in their movement, they are quite determined and proud." Many of which have an inset of the human representative of the country named--US Ambassador Susan Rice is pictured here.

Visit Gawker to check out the full gallery--as well as some classic Gawker humor about the exhibit.

Wags to my buddy Mallory for the tip!

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