Thursday, May 6, 2010

Listen up! Dogs are good listeners

Just eight percent of all pet owners say they talk to their pets about their personal problems.  That seems low--It is a shame more don't know that we understand and like to listen. Sometimes us dogs just *know* when someone needs a pick me up. has a heartwarming story about how a dogs' wiggle can cheer up someone who really needs it--even if they don't really know that person.

According to a recent poll by and the Associated Press, a third of married women who have pets say that their pets are better listeners than their husbands. Some men still chat it up with their dogs.  According to Ron Farber, it's easier to talk to his dog Buddy than his wife because "the dog doesn't have an opinion."

He is onto something according to Karen Sueda, one of the just 50 certified veterinary animal behaviorists in the country.  She told the Associated Press,
"Pets are great because they provide us with unconditional support. They never talk back, never give us the wrong opinion and they are always there for us," she said. "As much as we love our spouses or significant others, sometimes they are not there, sometimes they have their own thoughts about how we should deal with situations. And sometimes, especially when it's a husband or male significant other, they want to solve the problem rather than just listening to the problem."  Seems like the other 92 percent of pet owners need to get on board and start talking with their dogs!  

Petside has some more numbers from the poll--including how well people think their cats listen (hint--not as well as dogs!). Image courtesy of 

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  1. I like this: "never give us the wrong opinion..." Ha! Yes, exactly! Dogs don't ever try to solve our problems for us, am I right ladies? ;)

    Thank you for mentioning Fido & Wino! Woot!