Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A cat and her...puppies?

Beatrix the CAT is the latest inter-species mom in the news.  In the process of birthing her pups, the mother of four miniature dachshunds died.  Immediately, those puppies needed some love, and and more importantly, some nursing. Their owner called  Pam Peacock with "Pam's D.O.G. House" in central Texas for some help.  There were no new mama dogs that were available to help, but Beatrix the cat had just had kittens that were still nursing.  One catch: Beatrix was not too fond of dogs!  They tested the waters by putting just one of the pups in with the mama cat, and you know what? She mothered that pup just like her own kittens!  The four pups, five kittens and the mother are all getting along perfectly well these days.  To thank her for her generosity, the owner of the pups even plans to adopt Beatrix when she is ready.

WCSH6 shared this adorable video:


  1. How horrible. Who's going to take Stewey in?