Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fit feds and DC's shelter dogs

The Obama administration is teaming up with the Washington Humane Society to promote a fun way to get exercise while giving back to the community.  Through the "Feds Get Fit" program, the Department of Labor is encouraging employees to get some exercise while lending a hand to local homeless dogs.  But since pairing up with a four legged partner is known to increase an individual's commitment to an exercise plan, federal employees are encouraged to run or walk on the National Mall with a four legged partner that is in need of extra love.  Dogs living at the Washington Humane Society are busy looking for their forever home, but could use a little extra exercise in the meantime.   According to FIDO Friendly Magazine, WHS's PACK program "pairs volunteers with adoptable shelter dogs for regular jogs at local parks.  Currently there are more than 100 runners who participate in the bi-weekly jogs."

President Obama has declared May to be National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and this is a great way to kick off the first year.  He and the First Lady Michelle Obama are pictured here being fit on a private hike while on vacation in Blue Ridge Parkway outside of Asheville, N.C., where they ran into one lucky dog and his people! [Photo Credit: Pete Souza]

If you live in the Washington, DC area and are interested in joining the PACK, visit WHS's website to learn how to sign up.  If you live somewhere else--remember that dogs (and people) everywhere are looking for exercise partners.  Call your local shelter to check their hours--you probably just need to sign a release, but otherwise it is easy to get a part time exercise partner if you don't have time to adopt.  These dogs need you, and they will help you out by keeping you to your exercise plan!


  1. need more participants - spread the word!!

  2. Can you imagine being on a trail, minding your own business, and running into POTUS?!