Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When barking saves lives

Don Callahan, 72, is sure lucky that he rescued Wyatt at an adoption fair at the local zoo. While Don, a former police dog handler, was walking 70-pound Wyatt on one of their twice daily walks he collapsed suddenly. Don was not visible from the road, but desperately needed help. Wyatt, a big dog, with a big bark, sounded the alarm. When someone called to report a nuisance dog, a patrol officer responded and discovered Don unconscious. It turns out he was nearly in a diabetic coma--and help came just in time. Don made it to the hospital and received the treatment he needed.

Wyatt stayed with one of Don's friends while he was in the hospital...and was ready with wags and kissed when Don came home. The two are as inseparable as ever.

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