Friday, February 19, 2010

A pair of survivors, twice over

Paul Fowler rescued Deiter and Bella after they lost their homes due to Hurricane Katrina. Life seemed mostly normal for a while. The Fowlers started a family, and later moved to Haiti to work in AIDS relief there. The four legged members of their pack went along for the family move. When faced with the disastrous earthquake in Haiti, the Fowlers took the dogs and their new baby on a terrible three-day trek to the U.S. Embassy. They were to be evacuated with other Americans, but were told they had to leave their dogs behind. A heart-wrenching decision, especially when you consider this had happened to these very same dogs just a few years ago.

The Fowlers made it home safe, and shortly the Humane Society heard of their ordeal. Amazingly, the animal relief workers on the ground in the disaster zone were able to find and rescue Deiter and Bella! The pair flew into Miami to be reunited with their family. What a great end to a horrible ordeal. Be sure to check out the full story--here is the video and footage of the reunion.

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