Monday, February 8, 2010

Dodger's second chance

Dodger's first week of life was pretty hard. He was born with a deformed leg, and his humans decided to literally dump him. A good samaritan out walking his dog found the pup in a plastic bag near the dog park--and immediately took him to the local shelter. Now in foster care through the Ogden Animal Shelter, Dodger is doing well. He has received a lot of attention from the local press and the shelter received more than enough donations to cover his care, including the medically necessary amputation of his leg. He also has a forever home lined up once he is all healed up.

The Black Dog Rescue Project, which has helped out the shelter with Dodger's case, reminds folks that there are plenty more black pups out there in need of homes. Black labs are the most common breed in Utah, where the shelter is located. Not popular enough though--as 11 new black dogs came into their care on the day this article was written.

For video of Dodger, go here.

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