Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Too much spirit? Just a dogspeak misunderstanding....

Sometimes humans have trouble communicating with their dogs. Who can blame them, not everyone speaks our language. Well, Ilga Cimbulis is a dog communication specialist. Along with her business partner and touch specialist Patti Anderson, the two help their owners understand dogspeak. Star Tribune columnist, Paul Levy recently took his destructive cocker spaniel pups, Sadie and Pearl in for an assesment.

Turns out their destructive behavior was due to boredom, which is no surprise. But Cimbulis gave some more insight into their behavior: "They're bright, like little light bulbs; they've got way too much spirit and they know how to charm you and your wife." I know all about too much spirit--I was looking for my forver home for a long time before I found a human that could handle all of my spirit. My human is not a dog communication specialist, but she did jsut what Cimbulis recommended to Levy: provide structure and channel my energy into healthy outlets.

This isn't rocket science to us dogs, but some humans need a little help figuring it out. As Cimbulis says, "We're focusing on the animals, but we're really training the humans."Has you human ever enlisted the help of a communication specialist to understand you? Did it help? Tell me about it!

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