Monday, February 1, 2010

Baltic, the ice dog

Baltic was lucky that a group of Polish researchers in the icy Baltic Sea floated past him on their boat. The poor guy somehow found himself stranded on an ice floe in the middle of the sea. After multiple close calls and many more attempts, the researchers were able to get close enough to pull him onto the boat by the scruff of his neck. They quickly got him dried off an wrapped in blankets to warm up. Before they knew it, he was looking to his new shipmates for a dinner and a little company!

The researchers and Baltic are now in port at the city of Gdynia. Baltic was checked out by a veterinarian, and is surprisingly ok considering all he had been through. Now comes the task of figuring out who he belongs to. Four people have come forward claiming to own him, but Baltic said it wasn't so. The research team is ready to call him a full time shipmate if his former owner is not located soon. In the meantime, he is making himself at home on the ship. In fact, he is scheduled to set sail with them on February 10th.

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