Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What is fostering all about?

I got a rough start on the streets of North Carolina, but I was lucky enough to land in a foster home on my way to finding my forever home.  Having a foster home meant that I could live in a home instead of a shelter, where I could get used to things like people, doorbells, stairs, peeing outside, peanut butter, toys, and all the other comforts of a real home.  

Some dogs could use foster homes because they really need the TLC that would come with living full time with a caring person.  Cash strapped shelters with dozens, or even hundreds of dogs, just don't have the resources that some dogs need.  Alvin, for example, was not looking so great when he landed a temporary home with Jane, a volunteer with Waggytime Rescue in New York CIty.  Jane knew there was a great dog under the dirty matted coat, and she wanted to help Alvin shine.  Posted here are the before and after pictures of Alvin-look at that smile and bright eyes, a face full of expression, that you just couldn't see before. I bet feeling clean and cared for has a lot to do with the smile you see in that picture.  Jane really has done a fantastic job helping Alvin put his best paw forward as he looks for his forever home.  You can see more pictures of Alvin here on his petfinder page. According to his profile, "He loves sitting on laps, flopping over on a comfy couch and "dancing" for chicken treats."  Seems like life has really turned around for ALvin since landing in foster care.  And YES, he is still looking for you!

If you are thinking about fostering, you should know that there are all kinds of dogs out there that could use your help.  Some need some help coming out of their shell, some need a bath, and some just need a warm place to crash on their way to their forever home.  I love my home now, but I know that if it were not for the several foster parents I had through Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, I would not have the good life I have now.  


  1. Woah. That is quite the "before" picture. Hopefully he finds his loving forever home soon!

  2. Fostering is so rewarding for the people too. We fostered a pregnant dog about to be killed at a high kill shelter. Four days later, she had 7 beautiful puppies. 12 weeks later, mama Luna has gone on to her forever home, as have three of her puppies, well, four counting the one we are keeping. Mama Luna also fostered an abandoned baby herself, nursing a orphaned puppy, bringing her litter to 8, that one has also found a home. We still have three pups available, but we are loving having a house full of puppies, who are getting the very good start for the life they almost never had. I'm so glad I fostered!

  3. So the story line is: Don't Shop, Adopt! And if you can't adopt, Foster!

  4. Just wanted to let you know I'm following you now and both of my dogs came from RESCUES. The lady that fostered my Jazzi is now a good friend and we keep in touch by e-mail. Thought I'd share my post from today. (I found you through Ricochet's Facebook page. =D