Monday, June 14, 2010

Not "just a dog"

I would never call my person "just a person."  She is MY person, and she is a special and irreplaceable part of my life.  But plenty of people refer to me and my four legged friends as "just a dog." I feel bad for those people because they only think that because they have never had the chance to share their life with a dog.  My friends over at Life with Dogs have put together this beautiful video to explain this phenomenon it to others.  They explain that some of a human's happiest and saddest moments can occur with or because of "just a dog." Sometimes "just a dog" will provide the comfort that no one else could give.  Of the other beautiful things in your life, would you say "just a promise" "just a friend" or "just a sunrise"?  We would never say that about our own person or anyone else's person.  My cousin Lily is pictured here. Her smiling face, giant tongue and sweet sweet temperament make her so much more than "just a dog" to my grandparents.

My person has since downloaded this song from iTunes: Lissie /Everywhere I go


  1. What a lovely video! I have some family members with the "just a dog" mentality, and while I was watching the video I realized... they've never had a dog! I guess until you have a dog, as the video says at the end, you just don't understand!

  2. What a great video.............some people just dont know what their missing in life...without a dog!! They give everything..and ask for nothing in return but a scratch on their ears.....or better yet on the butt....