Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Paper: eat with caution

Toby doesn't just fetch the paper... sometimes he eats it!  Aside for generally inconveniencing his people  so that they have to find their news elsewhere, this hadn't been a huge problem.  One day his owner Gill Bird came home and Toby wouldn't even pick up the chip she tossed to him for a snack.  Then she noticed he was drooling and blowing bubbles from his mouth.

Upon further inspection, she discovered that Toby's mouth was basically glued shut from the paper he was chowing on.  She couldn't even part his jaws herself, and had to take Toby to the vet.  Once there, he had to be sedated while the nurse and doctor scraped the paper-turned-glue from his mouth.  The vet described it as a "very unusual case." I'd say so!  Toby was home by the end of the day and back to normal.  He is pictured here flossing with the bills.  Metro.co.uk has another picture of Toby's jaws caked together.

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