Monday, June 7, 2010

Scoop has gone to the Cats

I admit it, I have gotten caught up in the thrill of participating in Adopt a Shelter Cat month.  Last week, I told you about my good friend Pimp from YourDailyCute, but I have another buddy to tell you about: Romeo the Cat--pictured here. In addition to his hilarious daily campaign to make sure his BREAKFAST is served on time by his staff, Romeo uses his platform to raise money and awareness for cats in need.  Please check out his fun blog!

I have a special place in my heart for Homeward Trails Animal Rescue--they are the ones that saved me from an overcrowded shelter and kept me in foster care for SIX months before I found my person. You know what? They help cats too!  Right now they have several cats on their hands that were slated to be euthanized for treatable medical conditions.  They are working hard to get these kitties fixed up so they can be adopted, but that costs money.  You can donate to support their work here.  You can even sponsor one of these cats in need (just list their name in the notes section of your donation):  
  • Sushi is diabetic and needs some dental attention.
  • Tiffany has a heart murmur and needs to visit a specialist.
  • Einstein a beautiful senior cat--dumped at 17--and is suffering from an ulcerated eye that will require a specialist.  
Romeo knows all about this journey.  When he was in a shelter, he was deaf, but after he was picked up by The Forgotten Persian Rescue and Friends he had a series of surgeries, he can hear just fine now.  He does have a permanently folded ear, but I think that makes him extra cute.  Romeo has gone on to be a successful blogger, with the support of his very capable staff member, Caroline Golon, who is the founder of BlogPaws!  

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  1. This is a great scoop. This is our first visit and this is a super blog. We love Romeo and Pimp. They are two super cats.
    Have a great day.