Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Training Tip Tuesday, AGILITY, Sponsored by Anytime K9

Hello my fellow canine companions. It's Riley the extraordinary canine with some tips for your human. Training, socialization and exercise are all very important to our overall canine health. If you have just gotten to your new forever home or even if you have been there for years it is important to incoporate training, socialization and exercise into your routine. Cool trips to the dog park or doggie day care to play and meet all your neighborhood pups is a pretty cool thing. Training classes are also fun. My human enrolled me in a basic obedience class where I learned all these cool tricks like "sit and stay." Although I learned these tricks 35 dog years ago my human still practices these basic techniques with me everyday. She tells me if I don't use it I lose it so practice, practice.

My human says it's very important to continue to socialize me throughout my entire life and to make sure I get plenty of exercise. That's why we are joining an agility class! There are basic obedience or cool agility classes you can sign up for and as my human always says "a tired dog is a good dog." Come join me in a class to learn new things, play, socialize and get down right pooped (I don't mean literally). See you there!

CEO (Canine of Extraordinary Obedience)

If you are in the Washington, DC area and are interested in trying out agility classes with Riley, check out the AnytimeK9 website, click on Services, then Group Classes. The new agility classes for beginners and advanced pups start this week! You can also check out some basic training classes if that is what you need.

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