Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saving Tangye

Tangye may not technically be a "working dog" in Afghanistan, but he sure did a lot to lift the spirits of the British soldiers that took him in. He has served as a morale booster with what they call his "can do" spirit. Tangye would tag along on expeditions and would not leave his comrades even when dangerous battles broke out.

His British buddies are concerned now that he might be targeted as a bomb sniffing dog, and want to get him into a safe home back in the UK. His friends from around the world have helped to raise over $8,000 towards his transport and quarantine costs--but they still have a little ways to go.

It sounds like he won't have trouble finding a nice home back in the UK soon enough, but I bet he will still stay on the lookout for his buddies to come home. The eternal gratitude goes both ways--as one of the soldiers said "He has ... brought a little humanity to a very difficult job."


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  2. After receiving a cry for help to assist in the rescue of the Afghan stray called Tangye, the Nowzad Dogs operational rescue team can happily say that after several weeks of planning and careful co-ordination Tangye is currently in Kuwait awaiting the flight to the UK and his six months of quarantine.A massive thank you to all involved including Karen and Stephanie in Kuwait, Janette and her Afghan team for keeping watch on him and the local Afghans who kept him amused while everybody else was running around frantically behind the scenes! And of course we cannot forget the compassion of the lads at Kajaki who used their own downtime in the first place to keep Tangye safe.We are extremely happy to hand over the baton to Natalie and the team at Lab Retriever Rescue Southern England who will find him a suitable ‘forever’ home away from the deadly dangers of IEDs and mines that he faced on a daily basis back in his old home of Afghanistan’. For more information on the work of Nowzad Dogs