Friday, January 15, 2010

This inseparable dog-cat duo needs a home!

Smiles was pretty upset after losing her buddy in a train accident. She had an injured paw, but did not want to come in for help because it meant leaving her buddy for good. Once she came in to the vet in southern Virginia, they fixed her up and put her in the quieter part of the shelter--the cat room--so she could rest. She was still depressed over the loss of her friend, but one of the cats came by to cheer her up. Amie, a cat that was abandoned at the shelter, started cuddling with Smiles constantly.

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue heard of their story and offered to bring them into their rescue program in Arlington, VA, and promised to find them a home together. In describing the pair, founder Sue Bell said, "It was as if they'd been looking for each other forever." Hopefully the publicity that they recently got in will help them find a forever home soon. In the meantime, I know that the folks at Homeward Trails are taking excellent care of them--because Sue and the good people at Homeward Trails took care of me for 6 months before I found my forever home! Homeward Trails just celebrated their 8th year, and 7,000th adoption--hopefully Smiles and Amie will be 7,001 and 7,002.

If you are interested in adopting this one of a kind pair, email their Homeward Trails adoption coordinator, Maria, at

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  1. I sure hope soon that they find a forever home-but sounds like they have good caregivers now. bless their hearts.