Friday, January 8, 2010

Angel lives up to her name

Angel was out collecting wood with her 11-year old human buddy Austin, when they encountered a cougar. Angel knew the cougar was about to pounce on Austin and heroically intercepted. Angel got the brunt of the cougar's attack, and was trapped until a police officer who was nearby rushed to the scene. The officer shot the cougar and Angel was freed, but sustained some serious injuries. She was rushed to the vet, where they discovered that she had a fractured skull and several puncture wounds. She is getting great care at the vet and the family is feeling positive about her prospects and it is possible that she will make a full recovery. Our prayers are certainly with this Angel, who is deserving of her name.

Austin was on the Today Show with his mom and the police officer. I embeded the video here, but will warn you it is a little graphic. You can also read the story here. At the end of the interview, Austin tells Matt Lauer that he already went to the supermarket and picked up a big juicy steak for Angel to enjoy when she gets home. I bet Angel will appreciate that, but her real reward is in knowing that she saved her buddy.

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