Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Does Grandma need a dog?

Dogs can provide a special kind of companionship to older humans. US News and World Report recently published Ten Reasons Older People Need Pets (Plus Slideshow). If you know a senior that is a little lonely, a pet may offer the companionship that they need day to day. Dogs not only give you a reason to get out of bed, but the regular walking may provide some much needed light exercise. Seniors whose children are grown and moved away may still feel the need to take care of someone, and a dog is happy to step in there. We love the attention! Older people with pets also are less stressed, and I am sure the tail wagging next to them plays a big part in that.

The article recommends smaller dogs for the less active senior. They list some suggested breeds, but remember there are tons of small dogs in shelters all over the country. Seniors should also consider adopting a senior dog--as an older pup may match their speed (and may come housebroken and trained).

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