Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In an emergency, run to the neighbor's house

Missy knows how to look after her people.  After her owner Charlie Burdon collapsed, this 11-year-old dachshund's short little legs took her to all the way across the street to their neighbor's house.  There, she found Charles Mitchell working in his yard.  Mitchell tried to shoo her home, but she would not leave without him.  Mitchell quickly realized that Missy was trying to tell him something, so decided to follow her home.

Once home, they found Charlie on the ground. He had had a heart attack last year, so Missy was right to be scared.  Mitchell was able to get the paramedics there and Charlie made it to the hospital and was released the same day. Turns our he had a bad bout of vertigo, but Missy still did the right thing.

The Yambill Valley News Register in Missy's Oregon hometown recognized Missy as the "new hero in the neighborhood." Mitchell told the newspaper "She did her good deed...I'd put her on the angel list if I could."

The news article did not have a picture of Missy, but here is another dachshund image courtesy of PhotoBucket. Do you remember these diplomatic dachshunds at the United Nations?

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