Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lucky teaches humans a lesson on littering

Roll over.
Pick up that garbage and put it in the trash.

Ok, that last one is new.  William Keating trained his dog lucky to pick up all kinds of trash on command and place it in the proper receptacle.  William only had to show Lucky a few times, and he caught right on.  You may ask--"But what if he finds  a broken glass bottle? It wouldn't be safe for him to pick it up!"  Well, Lucky has been trained for just that situation: if he locates glass, he barks twice, and William inspects it to make sure there are no sharp edges, then lets lucky go on to finish the job.

Lucky and William are out around Gloucester, England for several hours a day doing more than their part to keep the neighborhood clean.  Lucky is now quite popular for his work in the area.  William is humble about their contribution, as he tells "There’s so much litter in the world that maybe it doesn’t make a huge difference but it cheers people up to see Lucky doing his bit in the local area."

I think that Lucky is doing a lot more than just picking up trash.  He is showing all the onlookers that it is easy to do and you can feel good just for doing the right thing--so maybe they will think twice about littering next time.  But seriously, do they even need to think once about it?!

Check out more pictures of Lucky in action here.

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  1. This is an awesome story!! Good job, Lucky (and William)!

  2. I LOVE that! What an awesome role model! Love it.

    I wonder if Lucky is a rescue... I want Lucky & William in the R.O.A.R. Squad...

  3. Great job cleaning up the neighborhood! I would like to teach my dog to clean up her toys around the house! Maybe she could learn from Lucky:)