Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another heroic pair of pit bulls

Buster, the four year old chihuahua was enjoying some free playtime in his suburban backyard in Littleton, CO. It seemed like a perfectly care-free day. Until it wasn't.  A coyote came into the yard and snatched up Buster and was dragging him away!  Two pit bulls that lived in the neighborhood heard the commotion and did not waste any time coin to the rescue. They stared down the coyote until he realized he was outnumbered and left the injured chihuahua.  These protectors laid down in the brush with Buster and licked his until his owner, Jodi Robinette arrived a few moments later.

Buster did suffer severe injuries, but is expected to recover. His vet, Dr. Bregitzer told PeoplePets.com They were "guardian angels for her dog, disguised as pit bulls."

Did you know that heroic Coloradan pit bulls could not move to Denver in their own home state?  Yep.  Pit bulls--regardless of past behavior--are victims of a blanket breed ban in the Denver jurisdiction.  Maggie Marton over at OhMyDogBlog wants you to do something about it.  Check out her site to learn more about the campaign to End Breed Specific Legislation, and follow the #endBSL conversation on Twitter.  Maggie's precious bully Emmet, the inspiration behind the campaign, is pictured here.


  1. Oh my gosh! That's my Emmett! :) Thank you so, so much for spreading the word about the campaign. We're down to the last month, and I'm so excited for this last push! Thank you for all your help and support!

  2. @Maggie: With that smiling face, who wouldn't want to help?

  3. What an amazing story! And Maggie's work rocks!

  4. You just can't trust those pit bulls ... spoiling a coyote's perfect day. Wait, maybe it would be easier for Colorado to ban coyotes instead of pit bulls?! Now there's a thought!

    PS - When is the last time a coyote came to your aid?

  5. love this "rescue" story - too bad the pit bulls often get a bad rap...