Monday, August 23, 2010

Aussie pig-pup duo

Police recently picked up an unlikely pair or Aussies: a dog and a pig!  This pair was found wandering the streets of Whittlesea, Australia.  Authorities were pretty sure they must have come from the same home.  According to Leading Senior Constable Mick Hall "They act like a pair of pork chops when you try to separate them...They're lying all cuddled up together on the front lawn waiting for their owners."  Thats right--they need to find the home that these two came from! It seems like it should be easy enough to figure out who is missing a dog AND a pig.  But if they don't, I hope this adorable duo can find a new home together.  

You can check out the whole story, including contact info for the authorities holding the pair at, and thanks to Life With Dogs for the image.  


  1. aww - I hope they find their home!

  2. Too cute! I thought my dogs were ridiculously bonded... these guys are adorable!