Monday, November 2, 2009

Restoring Merci's faith

Merci was on death's doorstep when she was found by the folks at Best Friends Animal Society. It was not just that she was in bad shape, but that she also seemed to have just given up on life. The caretakers at BFAS would not give up on her though. One day, it was as though Merci realized "hey, I was in a dumpster with a broken leg, and now I am in an awesome place with all these wonderful people helping me out!" Don't you know, when Merci's attitude turned around, so did her health. With her new lease on life, she has re-learned of the joys of treats, and is excelling in her training class. She is now well on her way to a better about her whole saga on the Best Friends Animal Society website, or you can watch her wiggling her butt in this video about her progress.

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