Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Do you have a furkid?

Furkid is the new lingo for people who think the term "pet" or "companion animal" do not quite capture their dog's place in their lives. You might even be called a "humom," also know as a human mom with pets.

These are not the only additions to the vernacular of pet lovers, as chronicled by Mark Peters in Good. Some folks who don't like the term "mutt" opt for "canine cocktail" or "unbreed." Check out the whole article if you what to know exactly what your friends mean when they talk about their "latchkey dog," "pawspice," or "doga."

People without furkids, or even pets, might be turned off my the new lingo, but Peters sums up the concern pretty well: "But no matter how goofy or pretentious some of these terms seem, they’re inspired by a love for canines. Maybe that love gets a little out of hand—no dog really wants to be an Ewok for Halloween, no matter how perfect he looks—but “Must Love Dogs” is a way of life as well as a movie for many of us. Odd words are just a harmless byproduct."

Do you have any fun additions to make to the dogtionary?

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