Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dog park art

Dick Sebastian was not just any regular at his local dog park in New York City. Aside from having a dog named Kitty, there was something more that set him apart. He started sketching the dog characters at the park to help everyone remember their names. It turned out he had quite a knack for capturing each dog's personality at the park, and he became something of a dog park celebrity. Over time, he did over 50 personalized portraits for park regulars.

If you have ever been to a city dog park, you know if can get pretty crazy! Yet Sebastian was still able to capture the essence of the individual dogs. Sebastian is retiring from his NYC dog park adventures because of his Parkinsons disease, and many are sad to see him go, but he left portraits behind that will last a lifetime. I bet he and Kitty will find some new dogs to sketch at their retirement home in Ohio. Best wishes!

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  1. big "handsome dude" !!! I think he is smiling...