Monday, November 23, 2009

Dog-Safe Thanksgiving Goodies!

Turkey Day is just around the corner! That usually means lots of table scraps for dogs, but WebVet has some important reminders safety for this holiday. Lots of new foods, especially varied mixtures from the fatty buffet of holiday leftovers, can cause stomach upset and diarrhea in many dogs. In addition, you should generally avoid handing out anything containing bones, chocolate, and onions. So, even though our eyes tell a different story, we know that you know what is best for us.

WebVet says that you don't have to completely deprive your dog on this most-delicious holiday. Small amounts of these foods are OK:
  • White meat turkey without the skin
  • Plain baked or sweet potatoes without the skin
  • Steamed carrots, broccoli, or string beans without any butter, sauce or seasoning
  • Salt-free canned chicken broth
  • Plain canned pumpkin, but not the pumpkin pie filling
  • Sliced raw apples
All those things sound yummy enough to me! Well, maybe not the broccoli. If you want to make some home baked treats, check out the whole article for dog friendly turkey and sweet potato cookies.

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