Monday, January 31, 2011

The story behind the amazing OK Go video

By now you may have seen the new Ok Go video for their latest hit White Knuckles.  It seems like a cool video to begin with, and the folks at Gizmodo decided to check out how they made it all happen. Long story short, the meticulously choreographed un-cut single take video features 12 talented dogs with the help of 12 equally dedicated trainers.  

Animal talent manager Roland Sonnenburg helped to put it all together: "We ended up with stuffed animals, spreadsheets, flow-charts, and recorded audio instructions, and for many hours we tried various configurations until we finally found one that worked. And then we practiced and practiced." 

It didn't end there--it was only at the 49th take that everyone seemed to get the hang of it.  They hit an unexpected bump around take 72: the dogs got so good they started going faster than the music!  At 124 takes they called it a wrap, and the video below is the result.  

To keep things interesting, they also had a goat in the mix.  Check it out

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