Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fun Post! Intelligence contest: Great Dane v. 2 year old

Last year I wrote about how Scientist Stanley Coren had determined that dogs are about as smart as toddlers aged 2-2 1/2. This week I found this fun youtube video that backs up the science:

(Warning: you may want to lower your speakers to medium. There is a very, um, vocal baby in the video)


Don't forget to read my whole story about Coren's research!

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  1. Very cute!!! Interesting that the dog only goes for the light on the floor and doesn't jump up the wall...probably has something to do with the SCREAMING!!!

  2. LOL!

    my previous cat would chase the laser dot for a while til he got tired of being unable to 'catch' it - my dog couldn't have cared less about it. My current cat will watch the dot if it's on the ceiling or high up on wall, otherwise he couldn't care less either *sigh*

  3. Very funny! My one cat is smart enough to know the light is coming from the thing in my hand, and she attacks that instead. Does that make her smarter than dogs and toddlers? LOL!