Monday, July 12, 2010

A pit bull, a bassinet, and a happy ending

Pit bull are still the quintessential American family dog, despite the bad rap they get because of the criminals that abuse them.  Thor is the latest example of the incredi-dog.  Thor's family home was on fire and his people would not wake up--he tried barking and prodding them, but they were fast asleep.  In the meantime, Thor knew that their family's new baby human needed to get out of the house fast.  He sprung into action, and returned to the parents to bark at them again, only this time "He had my infant, my 3-month-old little girl, bassinet and all, grabbed by the ruffles and drug to the front door, ready to go," according to father Kemper Hunter.  He continued, "He's a hero, he saved our lives."

The family had just moved into their new home a week earlier, and lost everything in the fire.  It could have been worse if it wasn't for Thor, Hunter added--"Thank God for him, because if it wasn't for him, everything else is replaceable, but if it wasn't for him I think we'd still be laying in that bed if my dog hadn't been as heroic as he was."

This happy family is lucky they all survived and are still together.  Can you believe they would have to give up their family hero if they wanted to move to Denver or any other jurisdiction that has senseless breed bans?  Maggie Marton over at is working hard to change that with the #endBSL campaign.  Visit her site to find out how you can help! Check out my previous post about the campaign here.

[Photo of Thor courtesy of WSBT-TV]


  1. This would be a great story if you had stopped at the last paragraph. Adding the last paragraph - specifically the second sentence of the last paragraph - makes it a fantastic story. #endBSL

    Way to go, Scoop!

  2. I just love this story. What a good boy, Thor!

    And thank you for mentioning the campaign to end BSL. Just look how far Thor went to save his family. We owe it to these dogs to protect their right to live!

  3. What an incredible story and such a great example of how awesome dogs are! #endBSL!

  4. What a great testimonial to this fabulous breed and the devotion they show. A very lucky family!